Why TV is a Lock for More Ad Dollars in 2016


Dollar SignMyersBizNet Chair Jack Myers is convinced marketers will return to the table with broadcasters in 2016 and specifically with dollars for television ads.

This is in contrast with other projections which see digital even surpassing TV’s ad dollars this year.

He cites four reasons: broadcast television networks are generating good revenue from on-demand platforms to capture a growing share of digital video dollars and marketers are narrowing their digital ads budgets onto fewer platforms like Facebook and Google, according to MediaPost.

Revenue generated from digital isn’t what business have hoped for so they’re returning to legacy forms of advertising. “Their analyses point to the best solution being a reinvestment in television first, followed by out-of-home, radio and to a lesser extent print.”

And finally, Myers points to legacy media becoming more innovative with their ad products, by investing in branded content and tech.