WideOrbit launches VoterVoter.com


WideOrbit has launched a new consumer service called VoterVoter.com, which allos ordinary individuals to purchase TV time to promote their favorite candidates or causes.  VoterVoter.com will file the necessary paperwork with the FEC as an independent expenditure.   Independent expenditures by an individual are not limited by the typical 4,600 dollar annual contribution limit to a campaign, which means that passionate individuals will be able to invest unlimited amounts of money promoting their candidates.

VoterVoter.com empowers users to select or create the ad message of their choice and have that message air on TV stations around the country without having to know anything about buying media time.
Several hundred thousand dollars of TV ad insertion orders have already been received by VoterVoter.com in its pre-launch phase.

“WideOrbit’s deep understanding of the broadcast advertising business, and our position as the leading TV advertising management system, enables us to effectively provide this service on a nationwide basis,” said Eric Mathewson, Founder and CEO of WideOrbit and VoterVoter.com. “VoterVoter.com makes it possible for individuals who truly care about specific candidates, issues, and causes to easily access the power of broadcast television.”