WideOrbit to buy Google Radio


Well, the rumors everyone has been hearing are pretty much true: Revenue Management systems provider WideOrbit has all but purchased Google Radio Automation, after a lengthy due diligence process that began not long after Google made the announcement to drop the radio division in February. There were other suitors that kicked the tires, of course, but WideOrbit emerged as the buyer. From an RBR source that received the following email from Google Radio:

Google Radio Automation announcement
Dear Google Radio Automation Customer:
As you know, Google announced last February that it was exiting the radio industry and divesting itself of Google Radio Automation, SS32, and Maestro.  At that time, we committed to finding a new home for our Automation Business where your support would continue and where the vision for Google Radio Automation could be fulfilled.  I’m pleased to announce that we have found a new home for the business and are in final contract negotiations with WideOrbit (www.wideorbit.com).  We hope to close the transaction soon.
As you are probably aware, WideOrbit is one of the broadcast industry’s leading suppliers of sales, traffic and billing solutions.  They have an excellent track record for innovative high quality products and for exceptional customer service and support.  Google’s Radio Automation business fits nicely into WideOrbit’s business and expands their offering to the radio industry.  WideOrbit is committed to providing ongoing support for all customers of Google Radio Automation, SS32 and Maestro.
Why are we telling you this now?  We know there have been a number of rumors circulating around the industry and believe we are far enough along in the transaction to disclose our plans.  One of those rumors is we are not supporting our products and are not continuing development.  Both of these are not true.  We also would like you to know that no other organization has access to the underlying source code, development team or development plans for Google Radio Automation, SS32 or Maestro.  Without access to these valuable resources no other organization is able to provide support for our systems.  Although there have been some communications from our competitors suggesting they are in a position to provide support for our products, but we don’t believe any other organization is equipped to successfully provide such support.  We are sharing all this information with you as a trusted partner, but please know we will continue to respond to press inquiries with a “no comment”.
Google’s primary goal in this process has been to find a good home for our customers and staff.  We believe WideOrbit represents that good home and hope you agree.  In the meantime and until the transaction closes, Google remains committed to supporting you via our sales and support teams at Google Radio Automation.
We will continue to update you as there is news.
Jim Woods
Director, Product Management