Wienerschnitzel details "Cash in on a Corn Dog" sweepstakes buy


We’ve got details of the L.A. media buy: Celebrating 50 years in business, the world’s largest hot dog chain began offering up money and prizes 3/28 for its second annual “Cash in on a Corn Dog” sweepstakes. In the spirit of their 50th anniversary, the company will be giving away $50,000 in large cash prizes, “Wiener bucks” and free corn dogs. The effort is supported with television and radio, direct mail, social media and in-store point-of-purchase materials.

Tom Amberger, VP of Marketing for Wienerschnitzel, tells RBR-TVBR: “This is our second annual ‘Cash in on a Corn Dog’ sweepstakes and we’ve upped the prize total from last year’s $10,000 to $50,000 in celebration of our 50th anniversary. We’ve launched a two-week television broadcast campaign that is like our brand: simple and straightforward, featuring the sweepstakes along with throwback music from the 60s and close-ups of our delicious corn dogs.”

Los Angeles media that will be running during the Cash In on a Corn Dog promotion:

General Market TV – 2 week flight on the following general market stations, 3/28 – 4/10

Sports Sponsorships on Fox Sports West – 8 week flight, 4/4 – 5/29

Program Highlights:

Early Morning News

o   KABC – AM News M-F 6a-7a

o   KABC – Good Morning America M-F 7a-9a

o   KABC – AM Weekend News Sat 5a-9a

o   KABC – Saturday & Sunday Good Morning America 6a-8a

o   KABC – AM News Sun 7a-11a

o   KNBC – AM News M-F 6a-7a      

o   KNBC – Today Show M-F 7a-9a

o   KTLA – AM News M-F 6a-7a

o   KTLA – Morning Show M-F 7a-9a

o   KTTV – AM News M-F 5a-7a

o   KTTV – Good Day LA M-F 7a-9a


o   KABC – KABC 11am News M-F 11a-12p

o   KCBS – Young and the Restless M-F 1130a-1230p

o   KCAL – People’s Court M-F 1p-2p

o   KCAL – News M-F 2p-3p

o   KNBC – Today Show 2 M-F 9a-10a

o   KTLA – News M-F 9a-10a

o   KTTV – Good Day LA M-F 9a-10a

o   KTTV – News M-F 10a-1030a

o   KTTV – TMZ M-F 1030a-11a

o   KTTV – Dr. Oz M-F 11a-12p

Early Fringe:

o   KCBS – Judge Judy M-F 3p-4p

o   KCBS – Dr. Phil M-F 4p-5p

o   KCAL – People’s Court M-F 5p-6p

o   KNBC – Ellen M-F 4p-5p

o   KTTV – TMZ M-F 6p-630p

o   KTTV – Simpsons M-F 630p-7p

Early News:

o   KCBS – Sunday Early News Sun 5p-530p

o   KNBC – Early News M-F 5p-630p

o   KTTV – Early News Sat 6p-7p     

Prime Access:

o   KCOP – How I Met Your Mother M-F 7p-8p


o   KABC – ABC Prime Rotation M-Su 8p-11p

§  Prime programming includes: Castle, No Ordinary Family, V, Detroit 187, Middle, Better Together, Cougartown, Off the Map, Wipeout, Primetime, 20/20, ABC Sat Movie, AFV, Extreme Home

o   KNBC – NBC Prime Rotation M-Su 8p-11p

§  Prime programming includes: Chuck, The Cape, Harry’s Law, Law & Order LA, Minute to Win It, Chase, Law & Order SVU, Community, Perfect Couples, 30 Rock, Outsourced, Who Do You Think, Dateline

o   KTLA – CW Prime Rotation M-Su 8p-10p

§  Prime programming includes: 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, Top Model, Hellcats, Vampire Diaries, Nikita, Smallville, Supernatural

o   KTTV – FOX Prime Rotation M-Su 8p-10p

§  Prime programming includes: Chicago Code, Raising Hope, Mixed Signals, Human Target, Bones, Fringe, Cops, AMW, Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Cleveland Show, Family Guy


o   FSW – Kings Hockey

o   FSPT – Clippers Basketball

o   FSW – Lakers Basketball

o   FSW – Boxing   

Late News:

o   KCAL – Late News M-Su 8p-11p

o   KCOP – Late News M-Su 11p-1130p

o   KNBC – Late News M-Su 11p-1135p

o   KTTV – Late News M-Su 10p-11p

Late Fringe:

o   KABC – Jimmy Kimmel M-F 1205a-105a

o   KCOP – Seinfeld M-F 10p-11p

o   KTTV – The Office M-F 1130p-12a

Local Print

·         Dropping Free Standing Inserts (coupons) around the Wienerschnitzel locations

o   Week of 3/28 and 5/2

o   Estimated circulation:  3,961,107

·         Dropping ROP ads in the PennySaver book in the zones around the Wienerschnitzel locations

o   Week of 4/4 and 5/9

o   Estimated circulation:  4,085,620

Simply put, customers can “Eat it, Read it, Win it”: Purchase and “eat” a corn dog, “read” the wooden stick to check for a prize or code and redeem the prize if they “win.” One out of every five will have a chance to win a prize ranging from a free corn dog to $10,000.

Customers that receive a stick printed with a 10-digit code can enter the code online at and register for the chance to win one of the cash prize amounts. The contest will run through 5/28 or until supplies last, and customers can redeem prizes until 6/30.