Wienerschnitzel using radio, TV for new campaign


Continuing its mission to assert its leadership position in the hot dog segment, Wienerschnitzel has launched a campaign for it its new “Big Original Chili Dog,” a 84% larger version of its grilled Original Chili Dog. The Big Original Chili Dog hit Wienerschnitzel’s 353 stores in 12 states 3/1 for the limited-time introductory price of two for $3. The new product is part of the “Der-licious” campaign, celebrating the return of its once-famous “Der” effort.

The Big Original Chili Dog is being supported by a “no-holds-barred” TV, radio, print and in-store advertising campaign that goes beyond the company’s celebrated irreverence to bolster its hog dog segment supremacy. Alluding to competitors that may choose not to follow Wienerschnitzel’s lead in grilling its hot dogs, the 30-second TV spots conclude with the line, “You Don’t Bring a Microwaved Wienie to a Chili Dog Fight.”

In addition to TV, the launch campaign by DGWB Advertising of Santa Ana, Calif., includes 30- and 60-second radio, print ads, new packaging, in-store collateral and a digital media program featuring a Wienerschnitzel Facebook fan site.

“Wienerschnitzel has been the leader in hot dogs for almost 50 years – but rather than resting on our laurels, we’re stepping it up a few notches with bold new products, promotions and a new commitment to quality and the simple things our customers want,” explained Tom Amberger, vice president of marketing for Wienerschnitzel.

“We’re also not afraid to call out those distinct advantages that only the world’s largest hot dog chain can offer, such as menu variety, value, a hot dog legacy and commitment to grilled dogs and fresh-made-daily chili. These are the essence of Wienerschnitzel – and especially our new ‘Der-licious’ campaign.”