Wildmon steps down as Chairman of American Family Association


American Family Association (AFA) founder Donald E. Wildmon has resigned as Chairman after 30 years at the helm. His son, Tim, who has worked with AFA for 24 years, will take over leadership of the ministry and its extensive group of radio stations.

The senior Wildmon’s resignation comes after several months of hospitalization. AFA said a bite from a mosquito carrying the St. Louis encephalitis virus caused Wildmon’s illness.

From August to November of last year Wildmon spent 121 days in the hospital and rehab. In addition to the St. Louis encephalitis, he underwent surgery for cancer on his left eye.
The retired United Methodist minister began AFA in 1977 in his dining room with a typewriter and a used offset press. Today the ministry operates on a $20 million annual budget with 175 employees.  The ministry owns and operates 180 radio stations, a monthly magazine with a circulation of 170,000 and an Internet presence of 2.5 million supporters.

Donald Wildmon said he will continue to work at the ministry but will not have a leadership role.