Will work for sticks


In theses troubled times, when traditional funding mechanisms such as equity and credit seem to be in short supply, creativity may required to get a deal done. Check out this CP sale. The stick to be is KDRX-FM CP, earmarked for Rocksprings TX. The station, a standard plain vanilla Class C2 with 50 kw @ 492’ on 106.9 MHz, is going from William H. Brothers to Douglas Alan Simpson’s Frequency Collaboration Corporation. There is no cash involved. Rather, Simpson will make his broadcast engineering services available to the seller for use on his other broadcast properties and projects.

RBR/TVBR observation: Hey, whatever works. That makes this in essence a barter deal, something not at all uncommon when talking programming/advertising, but which is still a largely unexplored frontier in the station trading biz on any terms other than a straight-up station swap.