Wilmingtonians getting the DTV message


A Smith-Geiger LLC poll confirmes that fully 97% of the residents of the Wilmington NC DMA have "seen, read or heard" about the upcoming 9/8/08 DTV transition – a reassuring thought given that that date is now less than a week into the future. “Given the short time broadcasters have had to convey the new transition date to Wilmington viewers, these trends are encouraging and show the positive impact of the campaign on raising awareness,” said Seth Geiger, president of Smith-Geiger.

RBR/TVBR observation: OK, we’ve proven we can get the word out with near universal penetration in one market. The next question is can the same results be achieved in over 200 at a time? We say yes – the key, as it always has been, is the fact that the viewers who rely on broadcast television watch, amazingly enough, broadcast television. As long as news of the transition is given priority treatment on those outlets, the citizens who need to know will inevitably get the message.