Window opens for FM translators


Entities that would like to build an FM translator in one of the areas where space on the band is limited will have the first half of April and change in which to get applications in to the FCC. The applications must take into account the availability of space for LPFM applicants.

The window is open from 4/1/13 until 4/19/13.

The FCC spelled out just who is invited, stating, “This window is limited to timely filed Auction 83 Filing Window proposals which specify transmitter site locations that are (1) inside a Spectrum Limited market and/or (2) within 39 km of any Spectrum Limited Market Grid.”

Many proposals will have to have a preclusion showing which “…must include an LPFM spectrum availability study, which must protect all authorizations and applications on co- and first-adjacent channels. The study should assume the dismissal of all pending Auction 83 Applications.”

Minor technical amendments will also be accepted that could include but are not limited to changes in channel, site, power, height and antenna pattern – and such amendments may also require a preclusion showing.

The FCC noted that deficient filings, including amendments that amount to a major change, will be dismissed.