Winterize your account ledger


A local insurance group recently sent out a press release advising homeowners of the need to take quick action in the event of severe winter weather. Some of these recommendations are to protect the structural integrity of their property, such as insulating pipes; others are safety-oriented, such as preventing icy sidewalks. Many of them will result in a trip to a local hardware store.

RBR/TVBR observation: Maybe your local hardware stores, and other businesses that may have necessities in the event of a weather emergency, are balking at running a schedule just now. We suggest that you don’t take no for an answer: Pre-sell them on special winter emergency spots, up to and including pre-producing spots that are generic enough to fit a variety of circumstances (creative can be tweaked as necessary when the emergency happens). If you live in a hurricane area or tornado alley or brush fire zone, this technique can be adapted as the season dictates. Remember, you read it here.