Wirecast Pro: An Integral EPAV Component


Telestream, known for its file-based media workflow orchestration, media streaming and delivery technologies, is benefiting from the utilization of its Wirecast Pro product as a key feature of Emergency Production LLC’s (EPAV) reinvented business model for COVID-19 times.

EPAV specializes in staging large-scale, AV-driven special events.

The Coronavirus pandemic crippled many of the video-rich stage events it was contracted to produce. As such, EPAV adapted to the challenge by producing and delivering broadcast-quality web video conferences, panel discussions, and other large-scale presentations for clients with Telestream’s Wirecast Pro live video streaming platform.

The product assists with such tasks as switching multiple remote cameras; mixing digital audio; adding lower third uppers and creating split-screens and picture-in-picture boxes, to bring live video of presenters at remote locations into Wirecast.

In pivoting from major venue productions to online presentations, the biggest technical and
logistical challenges stem from the need to produce a fairly complex, multilayered video
program remotely, while directing on-camera sources at multiple locations. Presenters and
EPAV crew, adhering to social distancing protocols, are either in their own respective
homes, offices and studios or at safe distances from each other in conference rooms.

However, with this new “virtual” web production model, it’s far more difficult to ensure quality control, since it’s not possible to visit each presenter’s remote location and doublecheck that their video production setup is good to go. Given the logistical complexity of managing a broadcast-quality video conference involving multiple sites and sources, the streaming production platform itself needs to be ready and able to deliver a rock-solid, cohesive show.

Meanwhile, Wirecast’s built-in Rendezvous conferencing management system can help organize the remote production, acting almost as a greenroom, as it allows people in remote locations to click on an email or text link and have their webcam or video camera instantly become a video production source available to Wirecast.

Download the complete Emergency Productions case study here: