Wireless advocates say get on with the auction


CEA / Consumer Electronics AssociationIn a move that should surprise nobody, organizations that stand to pick up spectrum via the incentive auction are opposed to the effort by NAB and Sinclair to modify it via the court system.

Sinclair advocates doing away with the auction entirely until broadcasters have a chance to upgrade their transmission system.

NAB has largely been trying to assure that broadcasters are not harmed by the process. In the main, it wants to guarantee that broadcasters forced to move in the channel repacking process wind up with the same contour and audience coverage they had prior to the move, and are completely compensated for all moving expenses.

The case was opposed by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and CTIA: The Wireless Association, Competitive Carriers Association.

They join a group of broadcasters that belong to the Expanding Opportunities for Broadcasters Coalition, and who are exploring their options as potential sellers. EOBC also wants to proceed with the auction, although it seeks to cure problems it has with the FCC’s spectrum pricing policies.

According to RapidTVNews, the wireless organizations are arguing that the NAB and Sinclair are relying on “antiquated” contour prediction software that they way would make the auction impossible.

They also argue that the FCC has exceeded earlier broadcast requests concerning deadlines, and further provides remedies when broadcasters run into unexpected problems.