Wise Brother Media also servicing former ACN affiliates


LA-based Wise Brother Media announced it is now servicing the affiliates of Dial Global’s American Comedy Network. ACN was discontinued on 2/6, and eligible affiliates have been transferred to Wise Brother Media’s Delicious Audio.

“I must say, as a long-time ACN subscriber, I was sad to see them go. But it didn’t take me long to realize that I truly didn’t know what I was missing all this time,” said Woody Johnson, of WCOL’s “Woody & The Wake-UP Call” in Columbus, OH. “Delicious Audio has become my ‘go to’ site.”

Ex-ACN GM Joel Graham announced he’s launching a new service as his own successor to ACN—Universal Comedy Network. Referring to Delicious Audio, Graham noted in a release that ACN affiliates were offered a replacement service with “significantly different content.”

“We agree with Mr. Graham…if he defines ‘significantly different’ as ‘better.’ More than 700 radio stations rely on Delicious Audio’s daily comedy and full service audio,” said Wise Brother’s Johnny Vega.

The UCN, according to Graham, will offer sound, feel, and quality nearly identical to ACN. UCN clients will get song and commercial parodies, fake commercials, drop-ins, production elements, call starters, audio from the web, television clips, and more.

It’s a bit of a battle for affiliates…the good news is they have choices. Graham also mentioned that after DG dropped the service, ACN left “many affiliates with the need to find a replacement quickly.”

Wise Brother’s Bryan Crain responded: “ACN affiliates were seamlessly transitioned to Wise Brother Media within two hours of receiving notification about ACN shutting down. There was no need to ‘find a replacement quickly’ as Mr. Graham claimed. We encourage all shows to check out his new service, if they prefer the type of material ACN once provided. But there is a significant reason Delicious Audio is the market leader in comedy and audio show prep.”

Wise Brother Media provides content to produce an entire radio show every day, including news, comedy, audio, and creative ideas. More than 700 radio stations subscribe to Wise Brother Media products.