WJAR-TV interviews Backchannelmedia Co-CEO Dan Hassan


WJAR-TV (NBC) Providence, RI, profiled Backchannelmedia’s Clickable TV technology in an interview with Backchannelmedia Co-CEO Dan Hassan.  Clickable TV technology is a solution designed to increase TV station revenues and provide a rich, useful experience for the consumer.

The entire experience is detailed in the video:

With Backchannel, participating viewers will be prompted to interact by small, non-intrusive icons (sometimes referred to as “bugs”) located at the bottom of their TV screen. These on screen icons indicate a “clickable moment,” an opportunity for the viewer to click one button on their remote control and “bookmark” that content to the viewer’s private web portal or email address. This secure web portal, accessible through any Web browser, serves as a centralized hub of that viewer’s digital TV media interests. Users of Clickable TV can schedule automatic e-mail updates of TV bookmarks to any e-mail account or e-mail-enabled mobile device.

The Clickable TV solution works through over the air digital broadcast and other providers, including cable and satellite. This new interactive opt-in revenue stream for broadcasters unites the mass media reach of TV with the precise engagement metrics of the Internet.