WLS shuts off Blagojevich's mic during trial


Citadel’s WLS-AM Chicago is pulling the plug on former IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich — at least for now. Officials with WLS say they’re putting Blago’s weekly Sunday afternoon radio show on hiatus until after the his federal corruption trial. WLS says it’s making the move out of respect for the legal process, and it will re-evaluate the show’s status after the trial.

As the trial begins, WLS-AM will air a daily breakdown of the highlights, expert analysis and guaranteed blunders with Primetime Blago. The segment will air at 5:30pm Monday thru Thursday on the Roe Conn Show
with Richard Roeper. Expanded coverage will be provided as the trial warrants.

The trial is one of the biggest stories in Chicago and Illinois. Blago has subpoenaed President Obama and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Primetime Blago will feature legal opinions from noted Chicago attorney Mike Monico of Monico, Pavich & Spevack, “The Good Government Guy” Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association, as well as reporters covering the trial.

Roe Conn and WLS Radio pioneered this brand of extensive trial coverage during the O.J. Simpson trial. Conn says, “We did this on a national basis for the O.J. trial and look forward to reporting on the highlights and lowlights of the latest installment of Illinois Governor’s on trial.”

The WLS-AM website (www.wlsam.com) will also host its own Blagojevich Trial Blog offering a collection of news, analysis, commentary and podcasts of related interviews and segments from the station’s programs.