WMCN-TV details new lineup


Lenfest Broadcasting’s Independent WMCN-TV Atlantic City (also serving Philadelphia) announced its new fall schedule set to launch 9/26 at 10:00am.   WMCN’s new lineup ranges from classic TV series and sports to celebrity news and cooking, including:  Cold Case Files, Punk’d, Dog, the Bounty Hunter, ES.TV, Gossip Queens, Raceline, Whacked Out Sports, Car TV, Real Green! and Recipe TV.

In 2011, WMCN became the official home of the Philadelphia Soul Arena Football team, broadcasting a majority of their regular season games on the station. The station is also carrying Bounce-TV on one of its multicast channels starting 9/26.
On the celebrity gossip front, WMCN is introducing two new programs to the Philadelphia market. ES.TV, a half-hour magazine show, features A-list celebs Monday-Friday at 11:00am, and Gossip Queens, whose various comedian and blogger hosts discuss celebrity news, will air Monday-Friday at 10:00am.

WMCN Sports adds Raceline to its lineup on Sundays at 1:00pm. Hosted by veteran NASCAR radio broadcaster, Joe Moore, Raceline gives viewers access to drivers, owners and insights not available anywhere else. Whacked Out Sports airs every Sunday at 12:00am and brings viewers some wild sports footage including bloopers, stunts, crashes and more.  Car TV provides a showcase of the top collectors, creative custom designers and car enthusiasts–Sundays at 2:00pm.

WMCN also introduces the lifestyle and cooking genre into their lineup with Real Green! and Recipe TV. Both are half-hour series that will air on Sundays at 3:00pm and Monday-Friday at 3:00pm, respectively.