WMYJ-AM back on the air


The Martinsville, IN Reporter-Times reports WMYJ 1540 AM signed on the air April 18, 1967. The station had broadcast continuously for 40 years — until June 7.

On that day, water surrounded the building adjacent to a trailer court in Martinsville and quickly covered the 7-foot transmitter, knocking the Gospel station off air for the first time. Last Thursday, after three months, however, Mid America Radio Group, the owner of WCBK 102.3 FM and other 19 stations, ushered WMYJ back to the airwaves.

Mid America Radio Group owner Dave Keister welcomed listeners back at roughly 12:30 p.m. during a simulcast with WCBK 102.3 and both WMYJ stations, 1540 AM and 94.1 FM.

 “We’ll look at this as a victory day over the flood,” Keister said to listeners.

Corporate engineer Steve Ross had been vacationing near the Ohio River when he received the news that the flooding had hit Martinsville hard, he said. Following his return, he checked on the transmitter, walking beside snakes in the field as he did. He said the flood had shorted everything out, and when he opened the door to the transmitter, two fish spilled out, the article said.

After assessing the damage, WCBK opted to build a new building to house the transmitter as opposed to remodeling, Ross said. He said the building was built four feet higher than the old one and that refurbishing the building with the proper equipment proved time consuming.