WNCT dishes up montage of "All Thanksgiving All the Time" (audio)


Thanksgiving Montage:

Beasley’s 107.9 WNCT-FM Greenville NC ran a unique imaging shift from 11/15 to 11/28: “All Thanksgiving All the Time.” We asked station manager Brad Hood for an audio montage of what the station sounded like over those days, and a bit of how they shared the event with the community. He said the move was hatched by Beasley/Eastern NC market manager Bruce Simel.

In addition to letting listeners give shout outs to the people and things that give them pause for thanks, WNCT also played fun Thanksgiving games with Thanksgiving prizes. Hood tells us the staff dressed up like turkeys, pilgrims and  Indians along roads in the community. Food Lion gift cards were given away, Thanksgiving history and turkey trivia was shared in abundance.