WOAI to use Time Warner Cable's "Start Over" technology


This week, Time Warner Cable San Antonio customers are able to utilize the company’s Start Over technology for all of the broadcaster’s news programs. 

Time Warner Cable’s Start Over technology allows customers to restart a program after it has already begun.  You can also pause, rewind and resume the program, just like you would be able to when watching a DVD.  Start Over is a free feature offered to all Time Warner Cable San Antonio digital customers.  Start Over launched in the San Antonio division in late 2006 and there are currently more than 80 channels where customers can use Start Over during select programs. 

Along with all News 4 WOAI-TV’s newscasts, viewers will be able to Start Over programming such as San Antonio Living and Sports Sunday.

"Our viewers live very busy lives and they don’t have time to waste," said Donita Todd, Vice President & General Manager for News 4 WOAI-TV.  "Start Over provides yet another way for them to watch News 4 WOAI-TV’s local programming at the convenience of their own schedules."

In addition, Time Warner Cable San Antonio customers already enjoy News 4 WOAI On Demand Digital Channel 989 where customers can watch all WOAI-TV newscasts and other locally produced programming at their convenience. Time Warner Cable encodes the programs in real time and they are typically published and available for on-demand viewing within about 5 minutes after the end of the broadcast.  For example, the 5 p.m. newscast will be available for playback on News 4 WOAI On Demand beginning at 5:35 p.m.