WOKV moves to more powerful FM


Cox Media GroupNow Jacksonville and Northeast Florida listeners can hear News/Talk WOKV-A/FM louder and clearer than ever before. Cox Media Group has moved the station from 6-kW 106.5 there to 100-kW 104.5 FM (“Rock 105”), the former home of heritage rocker WFYV-FM.

The move will expand it broadcast from Brunswick, GA. to Palm Coast, FL, bringing even more news to more people across Northeast Florida.

You’ll still be able to catch the broadcasts on 690 AM, but WOKV PD Mike Dowart tells Cox Media Group’s WTEV-TV he’s particularly excited to have this kind of reach on the FM dial. “There aren’t that many 100,000-watt news talk stations in the county. We were the second station in the country to go news talk on FM full time.”

Listeners can still listen to WOKV on 106.5 FM for a few more weeks.

“Rock 104.5,” before the switch was made, redirected listeners to sister alternative rocker WXXJ-FM.

See the WTEV-TV story here

RBR-TVBR observation: Another heritage, full-power rocker bites the dust in Florida. We checked with CMG/Jax Ops. Director. Todd Shannon to see what will become of the 106.5 frequency after WOKV leaves it in a few weeks—and why WFYV wasn’t chosen to take the signal. He tells RBR-TVBR: “We have two very successful products in the cluster, 96.9 The Eagle (Classic Hits) and X102.9 (Alternative), that are currently covering the Rock landscape in Jacksonville. As far as what ends up on 106.5, you’ll have to stay tuned…”



  1. Good added info Carl. Hope Cox does better here than than the fiasco in Orlando taking AM 580 to ESPN and dropping PPMs like disposable flashlights. Few get it that FM with the new fancy pre-distortion anti-AGC processor boxes fails the human voice into noise floor dynamics miserably.

    FM becomes very tiring very quickly. Hard to screw up AM audio processing (but many have laid seige to the idea over the years). Bad as the AM band has been exposed to unnatural enemies in cars and homes, it’s now FM’s turn and it too is 20mv/m signal levels to sneak past the trick filters, pro-hidef modeling and other peculiar obstacles antenna to speakers.
    Next gen of unborns might get it. The players there now have vested interests in the toys, need a decoy for the missing knowledge base or just following the upstairs orders to eliminate 25% of the old competition on analog.

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