Wolff gets a Fox


Frontier Television Investors has decided to go east, picking up Fox 24/16 WGXA-TV in Macon GA under licensee name Fox24 of Macon LLC. The price tag is 18,780,503, which includes an escrow deposit, cash and unspecified liability assumption. The seller is the ever-shrinking Paul Brissette television group, Piedmont Communications LLC. Frontier's Jason R. Wolff holds a piece of Hawaii radio group Visionary Related Entertainment. Piedmont, which has been selling off its television singly or in small chunks, has two stations yet unspoken for, KTVE-TV El Dorado AR and KTBY-TV Anchorage AK.

SmartMedia observation: Although Frontier does not appear to have a connection to VRE other than Wolff, Wolff notes on his ownership documentation that in addition to his television holding company, there is a similarly-titled Frontier Radio Investors, a clear indication that we are likely to hear more from this group.