WOM is a winner in influencing purchases


ChatFew media can produce results – whether selling a car, a brand of toothpaste or a presidential candidate – as effectively as word of mouth endorsements. And BIGinsight suggests that the new digital person-to-person tools, such as social media, should fall into the WOM category.

BIGinsight thinks the campaigns should be taking note of this right now, because they are spending tons of money on television when WOM is much more effective at influencing the “purchases” – in this case Obama or Romney – than is television or any other medium.

Take a look at this chart, generated using BIGinsight’s Prosper MediaPlanIQ:

Prosper MediaPlanIQ™ Allocation Model* – Overall Media Influence
Likely Voters
WOM*** — 32.4%
TV — 18.1%
Direct Marketing — 16.4%
Radio — 8.3%
Newspaper – 8.0%
Magazines – 7.0%
Internet Advertising — 6.8%
Outdoor Billboards – 3.1%
Source: Prosper MediaPlanIQ™, JUN-2012

*Media influence is weighted by consumption
**Overall media influence is an aggregate percentage of people who are influenced by various media to purchase: Electronics, Apparel, Grocery, Home Improvement, Car/Truck, Medicine, Telecom, Dining Out and Financial Services
***WOM includes: Face-to-Face, Social Media, Mobile, Text, Instant Messaging and Blogging

BIGinsight also looked at how certain groups use Facebook for giving and receiving advice on the candidates. Here’s what it found out:

Give Advice by Posting to Friends on Facebook
 (Likely Voters)
Young (18-29): 30.7%
Blacks: 15.5%
Hispanics: 17.1%
Walmart Moms: 28.2%
Undecided: 18.8%
Seek Advice by Asking Facebook Friends
 (Likely Voters)
Young (18-29): 34.5%
Blacks: 15.2%
Hispanics: 20.5%
Walmart Moms: 28.6%
Undecided: 20.6%
Source: BIGinsight.com

BIGinsight added, “Further, email (38.5%), using a mobile device (22.5%) and texting (22.8%) are top ways Likely Voters give advice besides traditional face-to-face communication. These digital word of mouth methods are even more popular among Young Voters and Walmart Moms.”

RBR-TVBR observation: As in all things digital, there is absolutely nothing stopping broadcasters from participating and using their traditional media assets to promote new digital initiatives. If you can find a way to get your loyal audience to discuss the products and services of your clients, you are going to strengthen that bond.

At any rate, we don’t doubt that WOM can work wonders, we just believe that generating positive WOM is easier said than done. We know that there is an association for word of mouth companies and that there are techniques for getting it started, but another way to kick off WOM is through an effective traditional media campaign. Just saying…