Woman throws brick through WGN AM studio window


WGN-TV reports a woman screaming about Chicago school board president Michael Scott took a brick out of a bright red gift bag and threw it through the window of the WGN-AM studio on the first floor of the Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue, according to police and witnesses. No one was injured.

The woman, wearing a shirt and a piece of fabric around her waist, then walked out onto Michigan Avenue and sat down as Tribune security guards directed traffic around her, witness Mary Bates of downstate Edwardsville said.

“She sat there and screamed about Michael Scott. Just Michael Scott’s name over and over,” Bates said. As she was carried into an ambulance, Bates said the woman yelled that “the police killed him.”

Chicago Police Officer JoAnn Taylor said the woman, who appeared to be in her 40s, “may be a mental patient. She might be a little sick.”

Taylor said the woman was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for an evaluation.

WGN AM host John Williams was on the air when the brick crashed through the window at about 11 a.m on 11/20.

“I thought it was like a foam…it went right through,” Williams joked during a commercial break to about half a dozen passersby outside the studio.

After throwing the brick, the woman claimed she knew who killed Scott, the Chicago Board of Education president who the medical examiner’s office has determined committed suicide earlier this week, security personnel said.