Women broadcasters meeting in DC to look at ownership issue


It’s not just minorities that are concerned about the lack of broadcast licenses held by members of their particular population demographic. Female ownership of licenses is also far below the percentage of females in the general population, and a women’s broadcast organization is meeting at NAB headquarters in Washington to discuss the matter.

The Alliance for Women in Media is sponsoring the event in conjunction with the Howard University’s School of Communications. Billed as a symposium, it will be held on Friday 3/25/11.

The concern is that women hold only 6% of radio licenses and 5% of television licenses, despite making up better than 50% of the population.

“The Alliance for Women in Media is proud to host some of the leading experts on media ownership to discuss their strategies and successes,” said Sylvia Strobel, AWM Chair. “In an era of increased consolidation in the media industry, media ownership is a critical issue to women in our field.”

Among the featured guests are:

* Adrienne Biddings, Georgetown Law’s Institute for Public Representation

* Carolyn Byerly, Howard University

* Angela Campbell, Georgetown School of Law

* Brigitte Daniel, Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc.

* Jessica J. Gonzalez, National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC)

* Christine McLaughlin, Venable, LLP

* Sylvia Strobel, Alliance for Community Media

* Ann Sullivan, Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP)

* Keisha Sutton-James, ICBC Broadcast Holdings Inc.

* Deborah Taylor Tate, Former FCC Commissioner

* S. Jenell Trigg, Lerman Senter

* Jeanette Tully, Aloha Station Trust