WPP, Buddy Media to help companies with Facebook marketing


To help harness the power of social media—and the king of social media, WPP and Buddy Media, the Facebook management system of choice for seven of the world’s top 10 advertisers, announced a strategic partnership to help the world’s largest brands more effectively scale their marketing efforts on Facebook.

WPP Digital is making a cash investment of $5 million into Buddy Media under the terms of the partnership. The goal of the partnership is to simplify and improve the process by which WPP clients that want to engage with audiences on Facebook can do so via the Buddy Media Platform.

“As Facebook has surpassed the ‘half-billion-users’ milestone, and is effectively the third largest country in the world, it is no longer a matter of ‘if’ brands should have a presence on Facebook, but ‘how’ they can be successful,” said Mark Read, CEO of WPP Digital. “In the same way that brands have software for managing websites and search campaigns globally, it is also now appropriate that we have software that will help manage the fastest growing communication medium of all time, Facebook. We are pleased to be working with Buddy Media as our preferred partner to help clients manage their Facebook presences and capture the full benefits of the conversational marketing opportunity, at scale.”

WPP’s cash investment into Buddy Media is an add-on to the $23MM Series C the company recently announced, increasing the size of that round to $28 million.

Key elements of the partnership include:
•Integration of the Buddy Media Platform with WPP’s suite of technology products and services so that brands can tie Facebook marketing efforts into their overall marketing programs.
•Open access to the Buddy Media Platform, the most powerful integrated software solution for Facebook, which allows brands and marketers to optimize their presence on Facebook for a global audience, while achieving significant cost savings by reducing the need for one-off, custom development projects.
•Training of WPP agencies on the Buddy Media Platform within the first year of the relationship, including comprehensive education on how to best use the Buddy Media Platform to enable clients to launch, maintain, scale and monitor their Facebook presence globally.
•Co-development of new products and social applications exclusively for WPP clients.