WPTE-FM says call for volunteers to stop arsons was a joke


Entercom’s 94.9 The Point Norfolk-Virginia Beach is now saying it’s all a joke after they proposed an on-air idea about sending more than an 800-person mob to camp out on the Eastern Shore of Virginia to catch a serial arsonist.

Since the story aired, WTKR-TV NewsChannel 3 touched bases with GM Bennett Zier and The Point’s morning show co-host, Chuck, who say the trip to the Eastern Shore is not a joke, and they want to find to find the arsonist, but don’t want to put anyone in a dangerous situation.”

NewsChannel 3 asked what their goal was and morning show co-host Chuck said, “Stop the fires, find out who’s doing it.”

Co-hosts Chuck and Woo Woo floated the plan on their show earlier this week. Fifty people volunteered to join them, and they received hundreds of comments online.

When NewsChannel 3 went to the radio station, the co-hosts didn’t seem to be kidding, the station reported, and acted like they were ready to head out to the Eastern Shore any minute.

“I think the game plan is to get a tent and camp outside the buildings, safely and securely. You know flashlights, lanterns, and see if we can stay awake and catch whoever’s doing it,” Woo Woo said.

They even went as far as telling NewsChannel 3 how they were planning to get the rest of their volunteers.

“I guess maybe we’ll start campaigning, maybe we’ll start a website to see if we can get people to sign up or get confirmation. First we have to make sure it’s OK with the authorities up there, too,” Woo Woo said.

NewsChannel 3 found out it was not OK with authorities. They talked to Corinne Geller with Virginia State Police, and she says they would look into pressing vigilante charges if the Eastern Shore camp out happened.

Geller also spoke to Chuck and Woo-Woo and afterward she told NewsChannel 3 they convinced her it was just a joke.

See the NewsChannel 3 story here