WRMA announces new morning show


Spanish Broadcasting System and WRMA – Romance 106.7 Miami are launching a new morning reality show, “Hola Miami” on 4/13. The show will be hosted by Nadia Rowinsky, Alejandra G Oraa and Azucena Cierco, three explosive personalities whose view of everyday life will surprise the audience and provide for some of the most entertaining radio on the air.

“Hola Miami” is a program based on the point of views of three passionate women from different generations; Nadia Rowinsky, Alejandra G Oraa and Azucena Cierco. Their honest, revolutionary and sometimes modest opinions on various topics such as celebrities, artists, events, daily life stories, juicy scandals, fights, reconciliations, and love, promise to entertain thousands of faithful listeners.  The show will also feature a special news segment hosted by respected broadcaster Tomas Regalado Jr., who is also known to many as the son of Miami Commisioner Tomas Regalado.