WRXP shakes up air shifts


Emmis’ NYC AAA/Alternative 101.9 RXP says that starting 3/21 their Monday-Friday line-up shakes the shifts throughout the day.  Steve Craig will now rise and shine, transitioning as the host of “The Rock Show” from 6am to 10am; Matt Pinfield and Leslie Fram will move from mornings to mid-days from 10am to 3pm; Brian Philips will rock out in the afternoons from 3pm to 7pm and Brian Drelio will take evenings with Chris Nadler from 7pm to 12am.

“Steve Craig is one of the strongest talents in the country.  He had amazing ratings in mid-days in one of our strongest dayparts and truly deserves this move,” said Leslie Fram, RXP’s PD, “Personally I’m excited not to hear the alarm clock at 4am.”

Pinfield will also take over as host of 120 Minutes, the MTV music franchise, set to make its return to MTV2 as an on-air monthly show kicking off this April along with the weekly online show, 120 Seconds, which kicks off 3/18, on MTV Hive (www.MTVHive.com/120). 

Fram says they are  thrilled that Matt will be back on TV and they are working closely with MTV to hopefully produce a “radio version” of 120 Minutes for RXP.