WSHE-FM back in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale


Clear Channel’s Spanish Contemporary WMIB-FM Miami has flipped (perhaps still stunting?) to Classic Hits as “She 103.5…She plays everything.” “She’s only Rock & Roll” was the original imaging and the station played a mix of Active and Classic Rock from 1966 to 1995-1996. Since, it has been dubbed Planet Radio, Mega 103.5, and The Beat as well.

After the original WSHE left the South Florida airwaves, a couple of internet broadcasters duplicated what they could of the station.

RBR-TVBR observation: We wouldn’t be shocked if the station brought back some form of Alternative or Active Rock. The market only has Classic Rock WBGG-FM currently.


  1. Sounds like a lawsuit is coming. The web has been around and probably holds the copyright to the trade name.

  2. Fat chance. The call letters were available from the FCC for terrestrial broadcasters. The internet version is the squatter.

  3. Thats awesome! I remember the she when i was little im 25 now. Now id be extreemly happy if 93 rock would come back or some form of that. we need a 90s rock station around.

    • Ahh.. Stormy Chuck .
      I don’t suppose you’re the same person from Radio-Info boards.
      Chuck, are you actually doing your homework? / or Do You Always Fall-Down Face First? lol..
      Sources indicate that you rode the short bus to school..:)

  4. is the original WSHE that went off the air back when.
    CC has transplanted call letters to bully the internet station.
    I can’t wait to see CC try to use the original WSHE’s Logo & Slogan.
    Tom, I agree 100%. I Smell a Fat Lawsuit and CC is a Fat Target.

    So far the 103.5 is a Mish-Mosh poor mockup of a Struggling variety station.
    They’ll last about a year or two and change to something else.

  5. she’s only rock’n’roll was my favorite station back in 1986. She plays everything is great too. my favorite again.

  6. Clear Channel ONLY moved the call letters to Miami because of the Original WSHE She’s Only Rock ‘n Roll that is internet.
    CC tried riding the shirt tails of the Real WSHE that is internet.
    Seems like CC tried to bully the Real WSHE using the FM.
    So far it don’t seem to be working, the new 103.5 wont last 2 years.
    Another CC polluted mess on FM dial

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