WSJ review asks if HD Radio is worth it


In her review on HD Radio, Wall Street Journal writer Lauren Goode seemed surprised to find that free, digital radio had been in the marketplace for years. She liked the sound quality, though. So, did she recommend that readers go out and buy a receiver?

First of all, she did have some complaints. The transition from analog to digital took several seconds. Also, she got some static listening to AM stations because the digital signal was fading in and out.

Goode liked the iPod docking feature of the TEAC HD-1 that she tested, but her iPod wasn’t new enough to take advantage of the iTunes tagging feature.

Due to the recession, Goode noted that many people are nesting more. So, folks who are staying home and want to listen to the radio might want to upgrade their tabletop receiver to a new HD Radio unit. But for those who are more mobile, she suggested waiting until Microsoft brings out its new model Zune with an HD Radio receiver included, or other portable HD Radio receivers due on the market in a few months.

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