WSTP-AM may be forced off air over property foreclosure


Broadcast TowerA Salisbury, MD AM may be going off the air if they can’t find a new location to transmit RF from since they’re current property they’re on is now in foreclosure. Rowan Media WSTP Radio, broadcasting on 1490 AM since 1939, may go off the air as the property may be foreclosed next week. Tim Coates, the current majority owner of WSTP, told WBTV-TV that the station is still trying to work out a solution.

WSTP is not involved in this foreclosure. If a solution isn’t reached, would that mean the station that has been the home for American Legion baseball, college and pro football and baseball, and the popular Kent and Howard Morning Show could go off the air?

“I am told if the real estate in fact goes to auction,” Coates added, “we may have weeks, months, or years before anything happens that may put the station off of the air.” Coates added that he has been trying to find another location for the station: “If we could find a tower site we could continue broadcasting uninterrupted, however the current zoning ordinances make it almost impossible to build a new tower anywhere in the county.”

See the WBTV-TV story here


  1. THE home for American Legion baseball? Please. With all the times I’ve had to find a different station because I wasn’t interested in sports, I believe Memories 1280 is THE American legion baseball station.

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