WTVF gains ROI with VCI's autoXe


VCI Automation, a division of VCI Solutions and supplier of media revenue solutions for the broadcast and cable industry, announced WTVF Nashville, TN has gained a significant ROI by utilizing their autoXe automation system. The latest autoXe upgrade saves WTVF time and money by providing fully functional and integrated satellite dish control. It also allows them to control their satellite receivers, which are a key component in the signal path.

The CompuSat satellite system and attendant interface are integrated as a client on the network allowing WTVF complete control of their satellite feeds through the autoXe system. By reducing multiple data sources to only one source in an integrated system, conflicts and the need for data re-entry are eliminated which in turn significantly reduces or eliminates mistakes. When a change is made, it is automatically updated throughout the entire system. This "one source" approach results in overall labor savings by allowing employees to work smarter and more efficiently, resulting in an increased ROI.