WUFO.TV Network launches on DC LPTV


The WUFO.TV Network has launched on its first affiliate-Low Power WWTD Channel 49 in DC. The station is owned by Chris Blair and his Syncom Media out of Westminster, CO. It’s not available on any area cable TV systems yet, but is received well at TVBR’s offices in VA-23 miles south of DC. From the website: "The wufo.tv network is being formed to fill a void in the programming line-ups of the TV broadcast and cable TV markets in the USA and around the world.  No free over-the-air broadcast television channel in the USA carries this kind of content on a regular basis, never mind 24/7/365. Cable TV channels such as the History channel, Discovery, TLC, and others do a great job of highly produced long form shows, but do not air a wide variety of programming and do not report on a daily basis the news of this genre of content. 

This is the marketplace gap which the wufo.tv network intends to fill, first in the Washington, DC market and then across the country to other small stations and small cable TV operators. Our programming will come to you direct from the authors, researchers, and reporters. It will be unfiltered by the network suits focused solely on the bottom line."
Check it out http://www.tv49dc.com/