WVBG returns to the air


WVBG TV 41 has returned to the air after finalizing a new and permanent tower site in the Heidelberg mountain range. TV 41 is the former TV 25 signal that aired UPN in the Albany, NY market in 1998-2000. WVBG is on analog now and will build out a full digital TV system next summer that will present five video signals free to the market. Programming is being reviewed and chosen in the pre-build period.

WVBG is jointly owned as Wireless Access LLC by a consortium of NY & VT rural telcos. The lead telco is Margaretville Telephone Company of Delaware County, NY. WVBG is currently airing sample programming tapes.

Installation was performed by Com Tech Inc and coordinated by Northeast Broadcast Consulting.

In 2000, the station lost its UPN affiliation to cable-only WEDG-TV. The station was forced to go independent, but later joined the Resort Sports Network, based in Portland, Maine.

WVBG has a construction permit to move to channel 41 and increase its effective radiated power to 150 kilowatts, the FCC’s maximum power for LP stations. As of 2008 WVBG had a new digital CP to change on channel 41 to digital transmission.