WWVA back on the air after storm damage


Wednesday, August 4th, around 4pm all 3 of WWVA-AM’s Wheeling, WV broadcast towers were knocked down due to severe storms and winds in excess of 70 mph.  Weather experts say wind speeds at the top of the 400 foot towers could have been in excess of 100 mph at the time of the incident.

Engineering crews worked all day and into the evening Thursday, and from around 10:30pm until a little after 1am Friday morning, they were back on the air at reduced power and using temporary equipment.  At approximately 1am there were some “technical difficulties” that knocked them off the air again. 

And the latest from the station’s website: “We’re happy to let you know that the problems we encountered overnight have been fixed, and as of around 10:45am this morning (8/6), we are back on the air…still at reduced power and using temporary equipment….but on the air, with a signal that covers the listening area extremely well.”

Crews continue to work on restoring the station back to full power.  There is currently no timeline set for when that will happen, but it will.  Check back here for further updates.