WYD Media Management signs Phil Hendrie


The Phil Hendrie Show, which recently parted ways with TRN after six years, continues seamlessly in national syndication weekdays in the new time slot of 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. ET, beginning 6/25.  Spearheading the national syndication effort and overall brand expansion is Ron Hartenbaum, of WYD/WYM Media Management. Effective immediately, WYM Media Management is handling affiliate sales and Dial Global is managing ad sales and satellite distribution.  From 6/25 to 7/5, affiliates will air Hendrie’s Comedy Gold broadcasts.  On 7/8, Hendrie will be on air with live callers as he weaves his famous web of satire and comedy.

Said Hendrie: “Ron gets my show and has a highly talented and motivated team behind him.  Our longtime loyal affiliates and advertisers will appreciate the level of professionalism and sophistication they bring to the table.”

“Broadcast radio needs the breadth, depth and creativity of Phil Hendrie,” says Hartenbaum.  “There’s a whole new generation of listeners ready to join the ranks for what Phil has to offer.  He’s a comic genius who’s going to grow in ways most people can’t even imagine…stay tuned!”

Hendrie’s nationally syndicated radio show is driven by his cast of fictional characters, all of whom he created and plays on air.  As host, Hendrie sets up a topic and discusses it with one of his characters who seamlessly takes the discussion beyond obvious social parameters.  Feeding the circle of social satire are the callers who are real and genuinely passionate about what Hendrie’s “guest” is saying.  Loyal fans enjoy being in on the ruse as Hendrie orchestrates a parody of his own profession – talk radio.