WYSP kicks off “Live In It and Win”


Four listeners will enter a 2009 Ford Mustang with the intention of being the last one standing, or in this case – sitting, and taking home a brand new car.  The Danny Bonaduce Show on WYSP-FM Philadelphia will broadcast live to cover the action Monday 6/22 6AM-10AM. 

The contestant that outlasts his/her competitors will drive off in the 2009 C&C Ford Mustang.  The four contestants will receive a fifteen minute break every three hours, but otherwise must remain in the vehicle at all times.  No personal entertainment devices of any type will be permitted including laptops, MP3 players, and cell phones.  In addition any items that enter the vehicle must remain in it; including food wrappers, empty bottles, etc.

Listeners will be able to see the calamity in person as the contest happens live 24 hours a day and seven days a week at Tony Luke’s in South Philadelphia.  In addition, 94WYSP will host a live webcam from inside the car on their website, www.94WYSP.com.  94WYSP will broadcast live daily 10am-10pm until the contest’s conclusion. 

For the past two weeks, 94WYSP has solicited video from potential contestants and hosted daily casting calls.  Hundreds of entries were received.