XM targets inactive receiver owners


XM Satellite Radio announced a three-months-free offer to try to lure back people with inactive XM receivers. There is a catch – you have to subscribe for at least six months to get the three free months.

Beginning this Friday, November 23rd, anyone with an inactive XM radio purchased at retail can take advantage of three free months of XM service no matter when the radio was purchased or received. The value of the three months of service is applied over the first six months of a subscription when activating by the end of this year.

RBR/TVBR observation: Smart business move. (Which is not something we have said often about the management of the satellite radio companies.) There are millions of inactive satellite radio receivers out there, both XM and Sirius. The only thing we don’t understand is why this is limited to after-market radios from the retail side, which has been the weakest side of the business lately for both companies. Why not dormant OEM receivers as well? A subscriber is a subscriber, right?