Yangaroo introduces “Connector”


Yangaroo, Inc.Yangaroo announced the beta launch of “Connector,” the newest feature of Yangaroo Advertising, a web-based service that enables agencies and advertisers to deliver high-quality audio and video files to broadcasters globally.

A centralized integrations platform, “Connector” ties together various systems related to spot distribution, dissemination of traffic instructions, and inventory management used by agencies, brands, and broadcasters.

Connector enables the efficient transmission of buyer and seller data related to inventory availability, integrating with both the scheduling and media information already transacted across the Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) platform, which powers Yangaroo Advertising.

Connector aims to help eliminate inefficiencies that cost agencies, brands, and broadcasters time and money by providing a more encompassing data bridge that conforms to industry standard protocols such as BXF and Ad-ID.

“When it comes to the world of television advertising, broadcasters, agencies, and vendors need a better method for communicating information about valuable and available inventory,” said Gary Moss, Yangaroo CEO.

“Connector” will roll out in stages throughout the remainder of 2013.