Yellowbook's new campaign an interactive cliffhanger


Yellowbook, a national leader in the local search industry, announced the launch of new ‘Say Yellow to the future’ TV campaign executions that call for viewer participation in determining how the story should end.

Airing nationally, the launch ad, entitled "The Breakup," depicts a story many know well. The cliffhanger ending, however, leaves the next move in the hands of the viewers. By logging on to, viewers can watch and rate three possible endings for ‘The Breakup,’ each designed to resonate with multiple audiences. The campaign’s innovative format is designed to engage the viewer on an emotional level and ultimately allow them to help Yellowbook’s betrayed heroine find what she’s really looking for.

In addition to the engaging interactive elements, the new campaign depicts the variety of search options and depth of content choices available on

The effort was via Gotham NYC.