You Can Now Ditch On-Air Contest Rules


FCCThe revised contest rules, which allow radio and television stations that prefer to disclose rules online are now in effect.

Entercom first petitioned the FCC to make the change in 2012.

Adopted in 1976, the rules were meant to ensure stations disclosed contest rules fairly and accurately, but the rules led to rapid-fire announcements or rules listed in fine-print on a TV screen or in print displays elsewhere.

Bottom line — both radio and television say reciting rules leads to tune-out and the old rules no longer relate to how people obtain information today.

Though the commissioners adopted the change last September, the Office of Management and Budget needed to approve them as well. That okay came recently and the new rules went into effect Feb. 12, according to a Federal Register notice.

Stations can continue to make on-air contest rule announcements if they wish.