YouCastr partners with Young Sportscasters of America


YouCastr, the live Internet sports broadcasting network, announced a partnership with Young Sportscasters or America (YSA), the sportscaster training academy for kids ages 8-18. Students participating in YSA’s sports broadcasting training programs, including YSA’s program with the Boston Public Schools’ BPS-TV, will utilize YouCastr’s online sports network to practice their broadcasting skills and allow friends and family to listen and interact.   The initial students are part of YSA’s program with the Boston Public Schools BPS-TV.  Jimmy Young, YSA’s  Founder and President said "In an era where kids are more comfortable communicating through technology via text, IM, and phone, YSA wants to use sports as the vehicle to recreate interpersonal communication. allows students to practice play-by-play or analysis and debate sports issues online.