You’ll Be Surprised Who’s Leading in Radio Spot Buys in Iowa


Democrat and RepublicanCarly Fiorina’s PAC is leading for the second week in a row with the most radio ads purchased in Iowa. Media Monitors tabulated the results now that the Iowa caucuses are completed.

In the three markets: Des Moines, Quad Cities, IA and Omaha, NE (which includes Council Bluffs, IA) focused on, the spots for Carly Fiorina’s super PAC, CARLY for America top the list with 1,435 spots.

Coming in #2 was Bernie Sanders with 955 spots and Hillary Clinton was #3 with 771 spots. That compares to the first week, when Clinton led in Iowa as far as radio ads purchased.

Ted Cruz ran 727 spots, with a little help from his PACs Courageous Conservatives with 79 and Keep The Promise I with 238 spots, giving him a grand total of 1,044 ads, which when taken together, would put him at #2.

Donald Trump, with no Super PAC support, ran 509 spots. Ben Carson aired 320 spots from his campaign, with another 312 spots from his Super PAC Our Children’s Future. Dr. Carson’s grand total would be 632, putting him 5th in overall reach, according to Media Monitors.

Mike Huckabee’s Super PAC, Pursuing America’s Greatness, ran 119 spots since January 1, 2016, while Marco Rubio’s Super PAC Conservative Solutions ran 74 spots for their candidate.

Moving to Portsmouth-Dover, New Hampshire, and Boston, the story is quite different.

Hillary Clinton ran the most with 2,535 spots from January 1 to 31, 2016. Bernie Sanders is right behind her with 2,211 ads.

Donald Trump is far back with 260 spots with Marco Rubio’s Super PAC Conservative Solutions nipping at his heels with 253 spots.

Ted Cruz cleared 240 spots from his campaign, then the Super PAC Courageous Conservatives added 87 spots and the Keep The Promise PAC placed 76 spots bringing his overall total to 403 putting him ahead of Trump and Rubio’s Super PAC.

Chris Christie ran 24 spots and his Super PAC America Leads played 233 times in our test markets for a total of 257 ads while Carly Fiorina’s Super PAC ran 220 spots.

Many of the spots that have been run are spots targeted against a specific candidate. For example, there were 524 spots run by the Conservative Solutions PAC against Chris Christie. That PAC supports Marco Rubio. That same PAC ran 30 spots against Ted Cruz.

The Super PAC that supports Jeb Bush, Right To Rise USA, ran 27 spots against Marco Rubio, while Jeb Bush has run zero spots since January 1st in the two focus markets.