Young Hispanic women want health info


A survey from Cultur Health notes that young Hispanic women in the 25-35 age bracket crave information on health care. Of interest is the companion fact that they often prefer to get this information in English.

The company notes that many rely on word-of-mouth information from friends and relatives, but are open to other sources of information, and this includes messaging from health care providers themselves.

The other important fact is that many have insurance either through their own employment or that of a spouse or relative.

“Our survey underscores the need for healthcare marketers to specifically target Hispanic women 25-35 years of age in their communications programs,” said Fred Lake of Cultur parent organization Cooney/Waters.  “Culturally relevant content is as important as ever to reach these Hispanic gatekeepers, but we also place particular emphasis on developing programs designed to increase word-of-mouth and drive family and community awareness of a product or service.”

The survey notes that this group often manages health care needs for a wide range of relatives ranging from children all the way up to grandparents. As such, they are a great group to target with relevant healthcare information.

76% say they prefer getting their information in English. 21% already rely on advertising as an information source, and 15% said they use English language media, including print and broadcast, compared to 5% that prefer Spanish language media.

RBR-TVBR observation: According to BIGinsight, for Hispanics in general, the three most popular non-Hispanic radio formats are: Hip Hop (26.3%), Alternative (25.7%) and Top 40 (22.6%). 78.8% listen to Hispanic radio. If you work for a station with one of the three English-speaking formats listed here, or if you are an English-speaking radio or television station of any kind that knows there are young Hispanic women in the audience, you have a story to tell health care providers in your market.