Youth radio and new media habits


Paragon Media Strategies has unveiled its study of Youth Radio and New Media Habits, quantifying how the next generations of 25-54 year olds use radio and new media. They interviewed 474 respondents age 14-24 via an online survey. Highlights:

* 73% of respondents say a majority of their music listening time is spent listening to music on sources other than radio (CDs, MP3s, iPods, streaming, satellite radio, etc).
* Radio maintains a strong 41% of 14-24’s time listening to recorded music.
* Throughout the study, females 19-24 indicate their use of radio is significantly more than the other three age/gender groups.
* Listening to music on sources other than radio is pronounced among younger and male respondents.
* iPods and personal mixed CDs are the major threats to radio time spent listening (TSL).
* 78% have iPods, and half of them (49%) are now listening less to radio (18% are listening more).
* 68% of iPod owners have personalized playlists; they are creating their own content.
* Over three-quarters listen to personalized music CDs (mix CDs), and a third of them (32%) are now listening less to radio (19% are listening more).
* Listening to audio over the internet is also an important reason among those who say they’re listening to radio less.
* There is a lot of churn in radio tuning. 44% are listening more and 40% are listening less to radio than before.

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