YouTube can now send videos to TV


YouTubeIt’s a bit similar to the app that Verizon FiOS offers on smartphones, which allows your smartphone to become a remote control that can also display your phone’s pix and videos onto the TV set:

The updated YouTube mobile app pairs phones, tablets and Internet-connected TVs that share the same wireless Internet connection. This wireless link allows users to browse YouTube from their mobile devices, click a TV icon and watch videos on their living room TVs.

The feature, which has been under development for about two years, will be offered initially on Android devices and on Internet-connected Google TVs, reports The LA Times.

A growing number of applications, including Zeebox, IntoNow and Shazam, seek to harness the mobile phones and tablets in the living room to provide content that supplements the programs playing on TV.

The new YouTube feature essentially turns mobile devices into a sophisticated remote control that a viewer can use to pause, scroll or skip to the next video as it plays on your TV.

See The LA Times story here