YouTube Gaining Ground as TV Forum


YouTubeThe 3rd Edition of the Social TV Index Report – the only tracking survey covering the mixture of social media & television viewing – has revealed new data that shows YouTube is climbing rapidly as a platform where consumers vote, post, share or comment about something on TV.

* 29% of us have engaged that social TV behavior, up from 24% last year.
* 37% of adults aged 18 – 24 have engaged in social TV.
* Amongst those social TV users, 14.5% used YouTube to post TV related comments – more than double last year’s 6.3% figure.

“Typically, the social TV buzz is focused on Twitter & Facebook. Our data shows that media organizations – and viewers – are seeing unique possibilities to integrate YouTube into their programming strategies. One example is the work that ABC News has done which has resulted in 1.5 billion views on YouTube,” said report author Brian Ring.

In addition, the survey found that Facebook continues to grow its dominant position. Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat showed declining or limited movement in terms of the popularity of their platform for social TV behavior.

The full, free report is published on Slideshare and available at this URL:

The SocialTV Index uses Google Consumer Surveys to create insight on the emerging behaviors at the intersection of social media & television viewership.

It seeks to answer questions like:
* How is social media changing TV viewing behavior?
* How prevalent are these emerging consumption patterns?
* Which social networks are aggressively growing their TV-related usage?
* How do these behaviors and patterns vary across television content genres?

“This is our 3rd survey and we’ve been able to generate meaningful insights from the work. Google Consumer Surveys platform is an impressive way to generate meaningful insights about our rapidly changing TV watching behaviors. I would encourage readers interested to InMail me on LinkedIn to find out how this tool can be used to power more successful social TV innovation.”

The report comes in time for a major conference panel on this topic which is being hosted by the Sports Video Group, TVNewsCheck and Variety411. will be held on November 17th, 2015 and will showcase a panel entitled “Social Media and the Live Viewer Connection,” and features experts from Twitter, Fox Sports, HLN, Telescope and Whipclip.