YouTube unveils TV-friendly version


YouTube has come out with a new version of its The update, dubbed, is designed to be displayed on TVs connected to the internet or on large computer displays and can be controlled via the keyboard or some hand-held remotes.

YouTube XL is basically a redesigned version of the YouTube website. It’s still run in the browser, and you don’t have to download anything other than Flash to get it working.

There are no ads—as of yet—and this YouTube version has stripped out many of the suggested videos, comments, and other content that clutters the site. See it here

One of the best aspects of XL is that it will work on nearly any device that has a browser and can connect to the TV. That means you’ll be able to use it though your PS3. Wii will be able to use the new site as well.

Of course, one of the most key elements to offering a TV-like experience is the ability to control the application remotely. You can use a wireless keyboard, but YouTube has developed “Gmote, a remote control app that runs on Android phones, reports Tech Crunch.