You’ve heard of 2% milk?


SoldHere, then, is a 2% deal. It involves a small but significant portion of radio broadcasting company Media Professionals Inc.

The deal is taking place in Houston MO, located in an unrated portion of the state to the east of Springfield.

The deal involves a 2% stake in the company.

Seller Amy Vermillion’s stake will go from 51% to 49%.

Buyer Justin W. Dixon’s stake will go from 49% to 51%.

What has changed is majority ownership of the company.

The cost: negligible. $408.

KUNQ-FM is a Class C2 on 99.3 MHz with 30 W @ 604’

KBTC-AM is a Class D on 1250 kHz with 1 kW-D, 51 W-N, ND