Y&R employee killed in Madison Ave. elevator incident


Suzanne Hart, 41, Young & Rubicam’s Director of New Business Content and Experience, was crushed and killed by an elevator that began rising as she was stepping onto it on the morning of 11/14. Two others were treated for minor injuries in the horrific accident at the 1920’s building on 285 Madison Ave., which is near East 40th Street.

Reportedly, everyone in the office will be working from their homes on 11/15 and the building was evacuated after the incident.

Officials said Hart was halfway onto the elevator when it took off, without its doors closing. She died after she was crushed between the elevator and the shaft wall.

Said Y&R Global CEO David Sable:

“This is a tragic day for all of us.

This morning, as you know, we had a fatal elevator accident.

And I am deeply saddened to tell you that our beloved Suzanne Hart was killed.

Suzanne was, in fact, a member of my team and someone I worked closely with, truly respected and, quite simply, adored.

Yesterday, I sat at lunch with her and I know this news will be shocking to all of you, as it is to me.

Suzanne was, in fact, beloved by everyone who knew her.  And we will, at the right time, all have a chance to memorialize her as she deserves.

We know that this is a horrible, unthinkable piece of news to absorb.  There are counselors on their way to the building and we will have them in the building throughout the week.

We will go floor-by-floor to give you further updates shortly.


Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer since released a statement about the accident, demanding that the Department of Buildings mount a full investigation into why the elevator remained operational, despite reports that it had received at least four unsatisfactory ratings in the last two years.